What is another word for controversial?

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Controversial is a word that describes something that is likely to cause disagreement. It often stirs up debate, opposition, and argument, making it a popular topic for discussion. However, several other words are synonymous with controversial, including debatable, disputable, polemical, contentious, and divisive. These words describe subjects or issues that have diverse opinions, and opinions may vary widely, causing discord among people. Some topics, like politics, religion, and social issues, always seem to have some element of controversy attached to them. However, no matter how controversial a topic or issue may be, it is always essential to maintain a respectful and constructive dialogue about it.

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How to use "Controversial" in context?

Controversial is a word that people either love or hate. It is often associated with things that annoy or bother them, which is why it is often used in negative ways. However, the word can also have a positive connotation if it is used in a constructive way. For example, being controversial can lead to more people listening to you, which could help you achieve your goals. It can also open people's minds to new ideas, and help them to see things from a different perspective. In short, being controversial can be a useful tool, if used correctly.

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