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Convening is a term that refers to the act of gathering people or groups together for a specific purpose or event. There are several synonyms for the word convening including assembling, gathering, summoning, calling together, and meeting. These words all have similar meanings and can be used interchangeably in most cases. Assembling refers to the process of bringing together various parts or components to create a whole. Gathering is similar to convening as it refers to the collection of people or things in one place. Summoning refers to the act of compelling someone to attend a meeting or event. Calling together also refers to the act of bringing people or groups together for a common purpose. Finally, meeting refers to a planned or organized gathering of people.

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How to use "Convening" in context?

Convening is the act of gathering together, usually for a purpose. A meeting may be convened to discuss a common topic, to vote on a proposal, or to appoint a committee. In some cases, a meeting may be called for the express purpose of punishing someone.

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