What is another word for conventionally?

Pronunciation: [kənvˈɛnʃənə͡li] (IPA)

Traditionally, conventionally, customarily and typically are all synonyms for the word conventionally. These words refer to behaviors, customs and practices that are accepted and widely followed by the majority of society. Something that is done conventionally or customarily is done in a customary way, without changing it from the way it has always been done. Typically is used to describe something that is normally or usually done, while traditionally is used to describe something that has been passed down from generation to generation. All these words have the same basic meaning and can be used interchangeably in most contexts.

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What are the opposite words for conventionally?

Conventionally means following traditional norms and practices. Its antonyms include untraditionally, unconventionally, and innovatively. Untraditionally refers to doing things in a manner that deviates from traditional norms or practices. Unconventionally refers to doing things in a manner that is different from what is considered normal or expected in society. Innovatively refers to the ability to introduce new ideas, methods or products that bring positive change or improvement. These antonyms suggest a break from traditions and a desire to explore new ways of doing things. An individual who is untraditional, unconventional or innovative is usually seen as creative, unconventional and a risk-taker.

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Usage examples for Conventionally

Here, he comprehended with surprising readiness, he would be called on to do something more than talk conventionally of love.
William McFee
I did rather mind her saying anything about it at all, but I answered quite conventionally that I considered myself very lucky indeed.
"The Debit Account"
Oliver Onions
If he is merely a patriotic or a religious or conventionally moral poet, he will appeal to most people, but these represent the audience that is not of an elevated intellectual order.
"The Literature of Ecstasy"
Albert Mordell

Famous quotes with Conventionally

  • You can't do the end of the world in a conventionally dramatic way or Boy Meets Girl way.
    Terry Southern
  • According to conviction, I am not simply what I am doing now. I am also what I have done, and my conventionally edited version of my past is made to seem almost more the real me than what I am at this moment. For what I am seems so fleeting and intangible, but what I was is fixed and final. It is the firm basis for predictions of what I will be in the future, and so it comes about that I am more closely identified with what no longer exists than with what actually is
    Alan B. Watts
  • Thus it was that America sank further and further into Americanism. Vast wealth and industry, and also brilliant invention, were concentrated upon puerile ends. In particular the whole of American life was organized around the cult of the powerful individual, that phantom ideal which Europe herself had only begun to outgrow in her last phase. Those Americans who wholly failed to realize this ideal, who remained at the bottom of the social ladder, either consoled themselves with hopes for the future, or stole symbolical satisfaction by identifying themselves with some popular star, or gloated upon their American citizenship, and applauded the arrogant foreign policy of their government. Those who achieved power were satisfied so long as they could merely retain it, and advertise it uncritically in the conventionally self-assertive manners.
    Olaf Stapledon
  • I wish that people who are conventionally supposed to love each other would say to each other, when they fight, "Please — a little less love, and a little more common decency."
    Kurt Vonnegut
  • About belief or lack of belief in an afterlife: Some of you may know that I am neither Christian nor Jewish nor Buddhist, nor a conventionally religious person of any sort. I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without any expectation of rewards or punishments after I'm dead."If what Jesus said was good, what can it matter whether he was God or not?"
    Kurt Vonnegut

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