What is another word for convincingly?

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The word "convincingly" can be replaced with numerous synonyms that express the same or similar meaning. Some of the alternatives that can be used instead of "convincingly" are persuasively, compellingly, intelligently, powerfully, plausibly, cogently, and effectively. These synonyms are perfect to use when trying to persuade someone or make a convincing argument. For instance, "persuasively" and "compellingly" can be used to demonstrate that a message is difficult to ignore, while "intelligently" and "cogently" portray a well-thought-out and logical argument. "Powerfully" and "effectively" are perfect to use when the message is so strong that it cannot be avoided or ignored. By using these synonyms for "convincingly," writers and communicators can make their arguments more impactful and memorable.

How to use "Convincingly" in context?

Convincingly is a word that means "so as to induce conviction." It is often used in a sentence, such as "The argument convincingly demonstrated that he was lying." Convincing is often used synonymously with convincingly.

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