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Convoy refers to a group of vehicles, ships, or people moving in unison for protection or support, often during wartime or in hazardous situations. Some synonyms for convoy include caravan, procession, motorcade, flotilla, fleet, armada, and column. Caravan typically refers to a group of travelers, often in wagons or camels, while procession implies a more ceremonial or solemn event. Motorcade refers specifically to a group of automobiles, while flotilla and fleet denote a group of ships or boats. Armada emphasizes a military context, while column suggests a more organized and structured formation. Overall, these synonyms all suggest a group moving together for mutual support and protection.

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A convoy is a large group of vehicles, usually motor vehicles, travelling together for safety purposes. Convening in convoys generally enhances the safety of all members, as well as reducing the chance of collisions.

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