What is another word for cool bag?

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[ kˈuːl bˈaɡ], [ kˈuːl bˈaɡ], [ k_ˈuː_l b_ˈa_ɡ]

When it comes to describing a "cool bag", there are a plethora of synonyms to choose from. For example, the classic term "cooler" is a highly recognized alternative that has become ubiquitous in American culture. Other terms might include "chilly bin" in New Zealand, "esky" in Australia, or the French "sac isotherme", which literally translates to "thermal bag". Additionally, terms like "icebox", "refrigerated bag", and "chill tote" all share the same general meaning. Ultimately, the choice of word will often depend on your regional dialect, personal preference, and intended usage of the item. No matter which word you choose, however, the basic idea remains the same - a convenient, insulated bag for keeping your food and beverages cool and fresh.

How to use "Cool bag" in context?

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