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"Corp" is a shortened version of the word "corporation" and refers to a large business organization. There are many synonyms for "corp", including "company", "enterprise", "firm", "business", "industry", "concern", and "establishment". These words all imply the idea of a structured and organized entity, typically with the aim of generating profit. "Corporation" itself is often used interchangeably with "company" or "business", but may be seen as a more formal or legal term. Ultimately, all of these words are ways to describe a structured entity that engages in commercial activity, and are often used in the world of business and finance.

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There is a business called corporate America. This organization brings together businesses and assists in the formation of corporate structures. Corporate America oversees the day-to-day operations of these businesses. They also provide tax help and other services to these companies. Outsourcing is another aspect of Corporate America. They help businesses find and outsource their services. Corporate America is a dynamic organization that impacts the everyday lives of businesses and their employees.

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