What is another word for corsage?

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Corsage is a french word that refers to a small bouquet of flowers that is usually worn by women on the waist or chest during formal events like weddings, proms, and galas. Synonyms for corsage include buttonhole, boutonniere, nosegay, posy, and spray. A buttonhole is a small cluster of flowers worn on the lapel of a man's suit jacket, while a boutonniere is a single flower worn by a man usually on the lapel. A nosegay is a small bunch of scented flowers tied together with a ribbon, while a posy is a small bouquet of flowers. Finally, a spray is a small bouquet of flowers arranged in a geometric pattern.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect corsage for a special lady in your life, there are countless options to choose from. From delicate flower crowns to ingeniously designed handles, there is a corsage to fit virtually any style. Here are some tips for finding the perfect corsage for your girlfriend or wife.

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