What is another word for cortege?

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[ kˈɔːtɛd͡ʒ], [ kˈɔːtɛd‍ʒ], [ k_ˈɔː_t_ɛ_dʒ]

Synonyms for Cortege:

How to use "Cortege" in context?

If we think of cortege as a procession, then we can consider the following definition:

A group of people or things following one after the other, in a dignified manner.

In ancient ceremonies and processions, the cortege was one of the most important components. The nobles and important members of society would follow the sovereign, or Arbour of the Castle, on their way to a religious or public event. The cortege would often be preceded by a train of horses and dogs, and would be followed by the appropriate honour guards.

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