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Cosmic is a word that refers to anything that is related to the universe or the entirety of existence. There are several synonyms for this word that can be used to add more variety and depth to your vocabulary. Some of the most common synonyms for cosmic are celestial, universal, galactic, astronomical, and space-related. Other options might include cosmic-themed words like interstellar, extraterrestrial, or even cosmic-like words like metaphysical or transcendental. Each of these words conveys a sense of grandiosity, expansiveness, and awe, making them great choices for describing anything from the stars in the sky to the mysteries of the cosmos.

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Most people think of the universe as being infinite in size. But what if our understanding of the universe is incomplete? What if the universe is only a mere bubble, a mere speck in an even vaster expanse? This theory, known as the big bang, suggests that the universe sprang into existence from an immensely brief explosion.

To comprehend the enormity and scope of the universe, one must first understand the basic building blocks of existence. The universe is made up of atoms. Our everyday experiences are made up of atoms too-we're made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

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