What is another word for countercharge?

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Countercharge is a word that is used to denote an accusation that is leveled as a response to another accusation. Some synonyms for the word countercharge include counter-allegation, retaliation, rebuttal, counterclaim, counterattack, counterargument, and counteraccusation. Each of these words refers to a response to an accusation that has been made. A counter-allegation is a specific accusation that is made in response to an allegation. Retaliation involves the act of responding to an accusation in a manner that is meant to even the score. A rebuttal is a response that is intended to show that an accusation is false or unfounded. A counterclaim is a legal response to an accusation, while a counteraccusation is simply another accusation.

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Countercharge is a familiar term in martial arts training. It refers to the action of countering an opponent's attack with your own, so that their momentum is halted and they are less likely to land a clean strike. In terms of unarmed self-defense, this tactic can be used to avoid an opponent's strike, or to place them into an unwinnable position. In martial arts, countercharge is also an important part of offence, as it allows an attacker to overcome the defender's initial defense and create space for further assaults.

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