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The word "cream" has numerous synonyms depending on its usage. For instance, as a culinary ingredient, cream can be replaced with alternatives such as half-and-half, whole milk, heavy cream, whipping cream, or sour cream. In the context of cosmetics and skincare, the word "cream" can be substituted with ointment, salve, balm, or lotion. Synonyms for the phrase "cream of the crop" include the best, creme de la creme, top-notch, or best of the best. Additionally, in the context of music, the phrase "cream" of the song may be replaced with the best part, the highlight, or the climax. Overall, there exist numerous synonyms for the word "cream," depending on context and usage.

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Cream is a type of milk that is high in fat and low in sterol. It is used to make dairy products, such as ice cream, soft cheese, and yogurt. Cream is also used as a ingredient in whipped cream, pie fillings, and some types of ice cream.

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