What is another word for cross-piece?

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Cross-piece, also known as a crossbar, is a horizontal bar that connects two vertical bars or supports. This structural element can be found in various applications, including furniture, construction, and sports. However, if you are looking for synonyms for cross-piece, you may hear terms such as brace, strut, beam, ties, or tie bar in the construction industry. In sports, cross-pieces are often referred to as goal bars, and in furniture, they can be called stretcher bars. Whatever the term used, a cross-piece is an essential component that provides stability and strength to a structure, and understanding the various synonyms can help improve communication and understanding in various fields.

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    Synonyms for Cross-piece:

    How to use "Cross-piece" in context?

    Cross-piece may refer to:

    - a warder on an medieval gallows, who assisted in lowering the victim onto the Noose

    - a piece of timber or metalwork, at the crossing of the two timbers of a bridge, across which the ropes were passed

    - a metal bar or metal frame, used to support a beam in a partition or to form the junction of two partition elements

    - a splice in an electrical wire

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