What is another word for crossbreeding?

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Crossbreeding is a term that refers to the process of breeding two different species or breeds to produce offspring. However, there are several synonyms for crossbreeding that can be used in different contexts. One such term is hybridization, which is used in genetics to describe the crossing of two genetically distinct parents. Another synonym is interbreeding, which is commonly used in animal breeding to refer to the crossing of animals from different breeds or strains. Other terms include cross-fertilization, cross-pollination, and intercrossing. Regardless of the term used, crossbreeding remains an effective method of improving genetic diversity, creating new breeds, and enhancing overall health and productivity in plants and animals.

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    Crossbreeding is a process of impregnating two different varieties of plants in order to create a third type of plant, which has the best features of both parent plants. Through crossbreeding, farmers can create plants with increased resistance to pests and diseases, increased yields, and improved nutritional qualities. Crossbreeding is also used to create more novel varieties of plants, which can be used for research or commercial purposes.

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