What is another word for crotch?

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Crotch is a term that typically refers to the area between a person's legs, but there are many other words that can be used to describe this particular part of the body. Some synonyms for crotch include groin, pubic area, genitalia, private parts, and intimate area. Other less common synonyms for this area of the body include nether regions, private bits, and naughty bits. While crotch is a useful term to describe this area, using a variety of synonyms can help to add dimension and nuance to descriptions and discussions related to this part of the body.

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    There's a lot to talk about when it comes to our vulvas, and that's why we've taken the time to explore all of them - from the hood, to the labia, to the clitoris. So what is the most commonly talked about area of the crotch? Crotch, of course! This is the area between your legs, and it can be incredibly sensitive. Some people say it's even more sensitive than the clitoris, which is why it's so important to Nirvana Erotic Arts LLC erogenous zone expert, Kali Red Feather.

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