What is another word for crucially?

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[ kɹˈuːʃə͡lˌi], [ kɹˈuːʃə‍lˌi], [ k_ɹ_ˈuː_ʃ_əl_ˌi]

Crucially is an adverb that indicates the essential or most important aspect of a situation. When writing, it is always helpful to use synonyms to avoid repetition and to give your work a fresh perspective. Some possible synonyms for crucially include critically, vitally, indispensably, significantly, fundamentally, and importantly. Each of these words has a slightly different nuance and emphasis, which can help you to convey precisely what you mean. Using synonyms also adds variety to your writing and can help to make it more engaging and memorable. Experiment with different synonyms for crucially to find the one that best fits your context and style.

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    How to use "Crucially" in context?

    Crucially, we need to be mindful of the physical and environmental impact of our actions. We need to think about how our choices will impact others in the future - not just now, but long after we're gone.

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