What is another word for crystalline?

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The word "crystalline" refers to something that has a crystal-like structure. Other synonyms for the word include clear, translucent, sparkling, glinting, shimmering, glistening, and lustrous. "Clear" implies that something is easy to see through, while "translucent" means that light can pass through but objects are not clearly visible. "Sparkling" and "glinting" suggest that something is reflecting light brightly, while "shimmering" and "glistening" describe a soft, gentle shine. "Lustrous" indicates that something has a rich, bright shine. These synonyms for "crystalline" are useful for describing anything from gems and minerals to glass and water.

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The word "crystalline" is derived from the Greek word "krystallos," meaning "crystalline." Crystalline materials are very ordered and usually have a very sharp boundary between the solid and the liquid state. This makes them very difficult to reform, which is why they are common in minerals and glasses. Crystalline materials can also have a very high melting point, meaning that they can be easily melted and turned into a liquid. The orderliness of crystals can also lend them a certain shine.

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