What is another word for culpable?

Pronunciation: [kˈʌlpəbə͡l] (IPA)

Culpable is a word that typically means being responsible or deserving blame for something negative that has occurred. Other synonyms for culpable include guilty, blameworthy, liable, responsible, at fault, accountable, and punishable. These words all suggest a sense of being at fault or being responsible for a certain action or event. They also highlight a sense of accountability, indicating that a person must take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that follow. These synonyms can be useful when trying to add nuance to a sentence or describe someone's actions in a more precise way. Ultimately, they all convey a sense of culpability for wrongdoing.

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What are the opposite words for culpable?

Culpable is an adjective that refers to the state of being responsible for something wrong or illegal. Its antonyms are words that describe the opposite condition, that is, one that suggests innocence or lack of guilt. Some antonyms of culpable include innocent, blameless, faultless, impeccable, and irreproachable. These words indicate that someone is not responsible for a particular wrongdoing, and they are often used in legal or ethical contexts. Using antonyms for culpable can help emphasize the innocence of a person or group by highlighting their lack of guilt or blamelessness in a situation.

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Usage examples for Culpable

To him, whatever exists will appear from that alone fit to be represented: to probe the wounds of society and humanity is part of his business, and he will neither shrink from exhibiting what is in nature, because it is morally culpable, nor because it is physically revolting.
"The Literature of Ecstasy"
Albert Mordell
But, culpable as she was, it is probable that her indiscretion did little harm.
"Henrietta Maria"
Henrietta Haynes
I blame myself, of course, for not looking back sooner, but I do honestly feel that it was not a culpable omission.
"The Come Back"
Carolyn Wells

Famous quotes with Culpable

  • I pass by that it is very culpable to be facetious in obscene and smutty matters.
    Isaac Barrow
  • From the end of World War I until the middle of the middle of the 1970s, French public life was shaped and misshaped by three overlapping and intersecting forms of collective and individual irresponsibility. The first of these was political. Reading the history of interwar France, one is struck again and again by the incompetence, the and the culpable negligence of the men who governed the country and represented its citizens. This is not a political observation, in the partisan sense, but rather a cultural one.
    Tony Judt
  • Psychoanalysis provides truth in an infantile, that is, a schoolboy fashion: we learn from it, roughly and hurriedly, things that scandalize us and thereby command our attention. It sometimes happens, and such is the case here, that a simplification touching upon the truth, but cheaply, is of no more value than a lie. Once again we are shown the demon and the angel, the beast and the god locked in Manichean embrace, and once again man has been pronounced, by himself, not culpable.
    Stanisław Lem

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