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There are several synonyms for the word "curb". The most common are "sidewalk", "pavement", "kerb", and "edge". All of these words refer to the raised edge of a roadway or the boundary between a street and a sidewalk. "Sidewalk" is a term commonly used in North America, while "pavement" is more frequently used in the UK and Australia. "Kerb" is the spelling most commonly used in the UK and "edge" is a more generic term that can refer to any kind of boundary between two areas, not just on roads. These synonyms can be useful when writing or speaking, as they provide variation and context for a common word.

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    In the US, curb is generally used to refer to the edge of a curb, or the edge of the road adjacent to a curb, where pedestrians may rest their heels while traversing a street. Curbs may be at the front, the rear, or side of a street.

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