What is another word for cutlet?

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Cutlet is a popular dish in many cuisines around the world. It usually refers to a boneless piece of meat, fish or vegetable, breaded and fried until golden brown. There are many synonyms for cutlet, including schnitzel, escalope, fritter, patty and croquette. In some cultures, cutlet refers specifically to a poultry or lamb dish, while schnitzel is made from veal or pork. Escalope is a French term, referring to thinly sliced meat, usually breaded and pan-fried. Fritters and croquettes are alternative preparations that may be made with mashed potatoes or vegetables. Whatever term you choose to use, cutlets make a delicious and satisfying meal that is sure to please any taste bud.

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    The word "cutlet" derives from the Old French word " coupelle ", which means a small cake, which in turn comes from Latin "cappella" meaning "cake". The first written record of the word "cutlet" is from 1375. The cutlet is a typically British dish, usually made from minced meat, that is usually cooked in the style of a amateur pie.

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