What is another word for cyclorama?

Pronunciation: [sˌa͡ɪkləɹˈamə] (IPA)

Cyclorama refers to a large circular panoramic painting, usually depicting a landscape or historical event, which is displayed inside a cylindrical structure. There are several synonyms for cyclorama, such as panorama, diorama, and 360-degree painting. Panorama refers to a wide and unbroken view of a landscape, which can either be depicted in painting or captured in a photograph. Diorama, on the other hand, refers to a three-dimensional model or scene, which is usually displayed in a box-like enclosure. Meanwhile, 360-degree painting refers to a panoramic artwork that covers an entire circular or cylindrical surface, enabling viewers to experience an immersive visual spectacle.

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Usage examples for Cyclorama

After this auntie and I were to have our three months' holiday in Sydney, where, with Everard Grey in the capacity of showman, we were to see everything from Manly to Parramatta, the cyclorama to the Zoo, the theatres to the churches, the restaurants to the jails, and from Anthony Hordern's to Paddy's Market.
"My Brilliant Career"
Miles Franklin
Mr. John Merrill of the Francis Parker School describes the quite excellent results secured with a dark curtain in a semicircle-a cyclorama-for background, and with colored lights.
"The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays"
Hang the walls with tricky, theatrical canvases after the fashion of a cyclorama; dress your waiters in appropriate costumes, let them speak the language of the country in which you are supposed to be dining, let the tables be placed in the centre of the hall, have a band to discourse national airs, and you would be able to bore yourself to death in comfort, for the simple reason that every one would talk, eat, drink, and behave just as respectably as his neighbour.
"The Red Rat's Daughter"
Guy Boothby

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