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The word "czar" is typically associated with an authoritarian ruler or leader, particularly in Russian history. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe similar figures. One such word is "autocrat," which also denotes a ruler with absolute power. Another synonym is "tyrant," which suggests a cruel and oppressive ruler. Additionally, the word "despot" can be used to describe a leader who exercises absolute and arbitrary power over their subjects. These words all carry connotations of a powerful and often oppressive ruler, and can be used interchangeably with "czar" to describe historical or fictional figures who embody these traits.

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    A czar is a ruler or authority figure typically with imperial power in czarist Russia, the Russian Empire, and other lands that were once part of the Russian Empire. Originating from the German term Kayser, meaning Caesar, the word czar derives from the Latin word for emperor. The czar was originally a form of the word kaisar, which referred to the Byzantine emperors. Czar is now used as a title for Russian monarchs, including the current Russian president Putin.

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        caesar, ZAR.

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