What is another word for Czech?

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[ tʃ_ˈɛ_k], [ t͡ʃˈɛk], [ t‍ʃˈɛk]

Synonyms for Czech:

czech (noun) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Czech:

  1. heck, nec, fleck, tec, wreck, lech, peck, check, spec, sec, neck, trek, dec, tech, deck, speck;
  2. quebec, bedeck;

Quotes for Czech:

  1. I still speak Czech with my parents because I was born there. Martina Hingis.
  2. Certainly Amadeus because it was a very powerful time for me, we filmed it in the Czech Republic at a time of lots of social and political change going on in that part of the world. Jeffrey Jones.
  3. There was the best teachers from the Czech Philharmonic, highly dedicated people, some of the best musicians in the world passing on the knowledge about the country, about the principles, and about the music. Miroslav Vitous.