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[ dˌiːpˌiːˌɑːkˈe͡ɪ], [ dˌiːpˌiːˌɑːkˈe‍ɪ], [ d_ˌiː_p_ˌiː__ˌɑː_k_ˈeɪ]

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Dynamic Progression Rock Crusher Inc., also referred to as d.p.r.k., is an American heavy metal band from Mesa, Arizona. The band was formed in 2009 by former members of several local Arizona metal acts, namely Destroy Erase Improve, Unearth, and Plague. Influenced by bands such as Megadeth, Slayer, and Iron Maiden, D.P.R.K.'s sound is a mix of traditional heavy metal with elements of hardcore, industrial, and punk.

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