What is another word for dabbler?

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The word "dabbler" refers to someone who is not fully committed to a particular activity or field, but rather does it occasionally or superficially. Some synonyms for dabbler include hobbyist, amateur, dilettante, and tinkerer. A hobbyist is someone who pursues an activity for pleasure, rather than as a profession. An amateur is someone who engages in an activity without formal training or for which they are not paid. A dilettante is similar to a dabbler, but with a connotation of not taking things seriously. A tinkerer is someone who likes to experiment or make small modifications, often in a mechanical or technical field.

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    A dabbler is someone who is enthusiastic and always exploring new things. They never stop learning and growing, which makes them very valuable members of any group. Dabblers bring a fresh perspective to any situation, which can help to drive innovation. They are also very good at problem solving and often come up with unexpected solutions. Dabblers make great entrepreneurs because they are always looking for new ways to improve their business.

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