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Dacca is a word that refers to the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Some synonyms for Dacca include Dhaka, the City of Mosques, the Rickshaw Capital of the World, and the Capital of Bengal. Each of these synonyms offers a different perspective on the city of Dhaka. While some focus on its role as the political and cultural center of Bangladesh, others highlight its significant Muslim heritage, or its bustling transportation. Whether you are a traveler exploring the city or someone studying its history, these synonyms offer a diverse set of descriptors for the unique city of Dacca.

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Dacca' is a city in the north-western Bangladesh. The city is a major commercial capital and the second largest city in Bangladesh. Dacca is located in the Meghalaya region of India. Once known as the "Paris of the East", Dacca has been severely affected by extensive flooding in recent months. The city is now facing an uncertain future, with many businesses and residences having been damaged or destroyed.

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      Dhaka, daka.

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