What is another word for dainty?

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Dainty is a word that is used to describe something small and delicate, such as a piece of food. However, there are a number of other words that can be used to describe something similar. For example, delicate is a great word to use when describing something that is small and fragile but still beautiful. Another word that might be used in place of dainty is petite, which suggests something that is small and delicate but still has a certain amount of style and grace. Finally, refined is a word that might be used to describe something that is delicate and elegant, but also suggests a certain degree of sophistication.

Synonyms for Dainty:

How to use "Dainty" in context?

The word "dainty" is often used to describe something delicate or pretty. The word has many meanings, but it often refers to things that are smaller, weaker, or less substantial than other things. Dainty foods may be delicate in appearance or taste, but they can be extremely flavorful and satisfying.

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