What is another word for damoiselle?

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[ dˈamɔ͡ɪsˌɛl], [ dˈamɔ‍ɪsˌɛl], [ d_ˈa_m_ɔɪ_s_ˌɛ_l]

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    Synonyms for Damoiselle:

    How to use "Damoiselle" in context?

    1. When we think of a beautiful young lady, we usually think of a damoiselle. This word comes from the Old French word damoiselle, meaning little lady. These days, damoiselle is often used to describe a young woman who is delicate, graceful, and stylish. A damoiselle is someone to be admired, and she should always be treated with respect.

    2. A damoiselle should always be conscious of her appearance. She should make sure that her hair is styled neatly and her makeup is applied expertly. She should dress in fashionable clothes that suit her figure and make her look beautiful.

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