What is another word for dampener?

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[ dˈampənə], [ dˈampənə], [ d_ˈa_m_p_ə_n_ə]

Dampeners are devices or substances that help to reduce the impact or intensity of something. Some common synonyms for this word include softener, cushion, buffer, smoother, and modifier. A softener generally refers to something that makes a surface or material less hard, while a cushion is any material that absorbs force or shock. A buffer is a device or substance that helps to reduce the effect of an external force, while a smoother makes something less rough or uneven. A modifier is a term that describes something that changes or alters the original nature of another thing. All of these synonyms are useful for describing different types of dampeners.

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    How to use "Dampener" in context?

    A dampener is a device used to reduce shock or noise in an industrial process. It is installed at the point of impact where the noise created by the process travels.

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