What is another word for dampish?

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[ dˈampɪʃ], [ dˈampɪʃ], [ d_ˈa_m_p_ɪ_ʃ]

Dampish is defined as slightly damp or moist. There are several synonyms for dampish including wet, humid, moist, clammy, dank, and soggy. Wet implies that something is covered or soaked in water or some other liquid. Humid denotes a high level of moisture in the air. Moist encompasses anything that is a little bit damp, whether from water or perspiration. Clammy references dampness that feels sticky or unpleasant to the touch. Dank has a connotation of darkness or mustiness, suggesting a dampness that is unpleasantly humid. Soggy is often used to describe something that is waterlogged and heavy, from excessive moisture.

Synonyms for Dampish:

How to use "Dampish" in context?

Dampish describes someone who is moist and wet. This can be due to rain, sweat, or saliva. Damp people may also feel swampy or cold.

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