What is another word for daumier?

Pronunciation: [dˈɔːmɪə] (IPA)

Daumier, also known as the famous French painter, caricaturist, and sculptor, Honore Daumier, is a term that has several synonyms. Some of the synonyms for Daumier include caricature, satire, mockery, lampoon, and parody. These terms are often associated with Daumier's artistic style, which was known for its sharp humor and social commentary. Daumier's satirical works were critical of the political and social issues in 19th century France. His attention to detail and sharp wit made him a master of caricature and contributed greatly to the evolution of the art form. The legacy of Daumier lives on today through his many works of art, which continue to inspire artists and provoke thought and discussion.

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Usage examples for Daumier

Her stout figure, above which her little arms kept moving as if she were crowning herself, threw on the wall a fantastic outline of a woman of fifty in deshabille, and on the paper at the end of the room could be seen wavering about one of those corpulent shadows which one could imagine Hoffman and daumier sketching from the back of the beds of old married couples.
"Renée Mauperin"
Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
I scarce can have known at the time that this was as complete a little old-world figure as any that might then have been noted there, far or near; yet if I didn't somehow "subtly" feel it, why am I now so convinced that I must have had familiarly before me a masterpiece of the great daumier, say, or Henri Monnier, or any other then contemporary projector of Monsieur Prudhomme, the timorous Philistine in a world of dangers, with whom I was later on to make acquaintance?
"A Small Boy and Others"
Henry James
He said that daumier drank too much; hence his failure to attain veritable greatness.
"Promenades of an Impressionist"
James Huneker

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