What is another word for de file?

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[ də fˈa͡ɪl], [ də fˈa‍ɪl], [ d_ə f_ˈaɪ_l]

Defile is a verb that means to make dirty or tarnish the purity or integrity of something. Some common synonyms for defile include contaminate, pollute, taint, spoil, stain, mar, corrupt, deface, and deteriorate. These words all describe actions that result in the degradation or destruction of something that was once pure or whole. Whether it's a natural landscape, a reputation, or a set of ideals, defiling something often brings negativity and disappointment. Therefore, it is important to take care of our environment and maintain the values and integrity we hold dear in order to prevent defilement.

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How to use "De file" in context?

Françoise Hardy once sang, "de file à droite, de file à gauche / on vous regarde mais on n'entend pas ce qu'on raconte." In other words, everyone seems to be talking at the same time and no one is really listening. Sadly, this is often the case in our societies today. We're all caught up in the fray, on our phones, tablets and laptops, clicking away, and barely paying attention to the people around us. Rarely do we pause and truly absorb what's being said.

Clearly, something has to change.

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