What is another word for de livered?

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[ də lˈɪvəd], [ də lˈɪvəd], [ d_ə l_ˈɪ_v_ə_d]

Delivered is a common word used in everyday conversations, but using synonyms can add depth and variety to your language. Alternatives to delivered include handed over, passed on, transported, transmitted, dispatched, conveyed, carried, brought, presented, bestowed, and dropped off. Each of these words has a slightly different nuance and can be tailored to varying contexts. For example, "conveyed" could be used when discussing the transportation of goods, while "bestowed" might be used when referring to a gift given in recognition of an achievement. Using synonyms is a useful tool for expanding your vocabulary and expressing yourself more precisely.

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    The Dutch livered scene is one of the most vibrant and up-and-coming musical scenes in the world. With bands like Gojira, HIM, and Neurosis, Dutch livered music is visceral, aggressive, and altogether irresistible. Drawing on the country's rich history of metal and hard rock, Dutch livered bands create an intense sound that is both innovative and definitive.

    From the earliest days of the Dutch metal scene, livered music was an important part of the culture. Bands like Agent Steel and Helloween played blistering sets that combined the heaviness of metal with the energy and excitement of rock concerts.

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