What is another word for de-cay?

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Decay is a natural process of gradual deterioration or decline. It often refers to physical decay, such as the decomposition of organic matter or the rusting of metal. However, it can also refer to the decline or loss of value, quality, or popularity. Synonyms for decay include deteriorate, crumble, disintegrate, decompose, rot, corrode, decline, weaken, tarnish, and degenerate. Each of these words indicates a gradual or irreversible decline, whether it be in physical, biological, or social contexts. While decay can seem like a negative occurrence, it is essential for the process of renewal and growth, as new life often emerges from the decomposition of the old.

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How to use "De-cay" in context?

The process of removing salt and other minerals from water is called de-cayering. De-cayering is used to reclaim a water body that has been polluted by human activity,anuacle dumping or salt quarrying.

The process of de-cayering is typically performed in two steps. In step one, the water is concentrated by evaporation to create a brine. The brine is then neutralized with a suitable agent to remove the salts.

In step two, the salts are removed by precipitation. This precipitation occurs when the mixture of water and salts rises to the surface and forms droplets.

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