What is another word for de-escalate?

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De-escalate is a verb meaning to reduce or lessen a conflict or tension. There are several synonyms for the word "de-escalate". One of them is "calm down", which means to become less agitated or excited. Another synonym is "pacify", which means to calm or soothe someone who is angry or upset. Similar synonyms include "appease", "placate", and "soothe". To "defuse" a situation also means to lessen the intensity of something, such as an argument or a potentially violent situation. Other synonyms for "de-escalate" include "mitigate", "quell", and "moderate". All of these words convey the idea of reducing tension or conflict.

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How to use "De-escalate" in context?

De-escalate means slowing or stopping the escalation of an emotional reaction in order to prevent a physical confrontation from occurring. The goal of de-escalation is to prevent a conflict from becoming physical, and to return to a peaceful conclusion. When engaging in de-escalation, it is important to remain calm and respectful. Here are some tips to help you de-escalate a conflict:

1. Establish your role in the conflict. Who is involved, and what is their respective role? It is important to know what triggers anger in your counterpart, and to stay focused on their interests and feelings.

2. Focus on solutions.

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