What is another word for de-feat?

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Defeat is a verb that can be replaced with several other words, depending on the context and the tone you're going for. Synonyms for defeat include conquer, overcome, subdue, vanquish, crush, overpower, suppress, and quell. Each of these words has its own nuance, so choosing the right one can add depth and specificity to your writing. For example, if you want to emphasize the idea of a battle, you might choose conquer or vanquish. If you want to convey a sense of force or violence, overpower or crush might be more appropriate. Ultimately, choosing the right synonym for defeat can help you convey the precise meaning and emotional resonance you want.

Synonyms for De-feat:

How to use "De-feat" in context?

De-feat is a journey from one's current level of success to a more fulfilling and sustainable one. Sometimes this journey requires a new challenge and new opportunity.

New challenges can come from within or from the environment around you. Internal challenges arise from unresolved issues and emotions from your personal history. External challenges come from the world outside of your control. They can be environmental, social, or economic.

Sustainable success requires dedication to a process and a culture. A process is anything that you do regularly to achieve your goals. This could be writing a goal every day, studying a topic intensely, or networking with influencers.

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