What is another word for de-file?

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The word "de-file" means to defame, harm or damage the reputation of something or someone. There are several synonyms for this word, including slander, libel, besmirch, tarnish, impugn, vilify, dishonor, disparage and smear. All these words convey negative and damaging connotations of sullying or staining someone's reputation, character, or good name. While the nuances of these words may differ slightly, they are all used to describe the act of casting aspersions or spreading false or malicious rumors. It is important to use these words with caution and to ensure that the allegations or accusations being made are based on facts and evidence, rather than mere hearsay or assumptions.

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How to use "De-file" in context?

Did you know that de-file is a term used to describe the removal of personal information from public records? De-filtering your records can help make your identity more private and prevent identity theft.

There are a number of ways to de-file your records. You can contact the government agency that maintains your records and ask them to remove your personal information. You can also contact a private filer to have your information removed.

De-filtering your records can help protect your privacy and identity.

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