What is another word for de-mesne?

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[ dəmˈɛsnɪ], [ dəmˈɛsnɪ], [ d_ə_m_ˈɛ_s_n_ɪ]

Related words: estate, field

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    Synonyms for De-mesne:

    How to use "De-mesne" in context?

    In law, "de-mesne" is a legal term meaning "derived from a deed of conveyance'" and it is a characteristic of a particular kind of conveyance of real property. The term is used in title deeds, wills, licences to enclose land, and other conveyances of real property.

    The first use of the term was in a grant by King John in 1207 AD to the monastic order known as the Knights Templar.

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