What is another word for de-siring?

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Desiring is the act of wanting or wishing for something. There are several synonyms for the word desiring that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. For example, craving denotes a strong desire for something, while longing implies a deep yearning for something that is beyond reach. Wanting denotes a general desire for something, and coveting implies an extreme desire or envy for something that belongs to someone else. On the other hand, wishing denotes a desire for something that is often unrealistic or impossible, and hankering suggests a persistent desire for something. Finally, yearning implies an intense desire that often lasts for a long time.

Synonyms for De-siring:

How to use "De-siring" in context?

De-siring is the act of removing a desired object or idea from one's mind or life-style. Some may view de-siring as an easy process, while others find it much more difficult.

One of the most difficult aspects of de-siring is the suppression of emotions. When we desire something, it triggers a range of emotions within us, some of which may be positive and motivating and others which may be negative and destructive. When we suppress these negative emotions, it can be very difficult to maintain our de-siring attitude.

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