What is another word for de-terminations?

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De-terminations can be defined as the act of making a decision or finding a resolution for a problem. Synonyms for this word include resolve, decision-making, resolution, determination, and settlement. Other related words include persistence, perseverance, and tenacity, which highlight the importance of taking action and sticking to one's goals. In contrast, words such as hesitation, indecision, and vacillation demonstrate a lack of conviction in finding a solution. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the different synonyms for de-terminations to effectively communicate the importance of making decisions and finding solutions in various contexts, from personal to professional settings.

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How to use "De-terminations" in context?

Terminations are a big deal, and when it comes to languages, they are even more important. Languages are constantly evolving and changing, and what was once a perfectly good word may be considered archaic or even outdated today. So when a language decides to retire a word, it's not just done away with - it's forever changed, and all future speakers are urged to avoid using it. Here are ten of the most notorious language terminations.

1. Dash - Used to indicate direction or distance in various contexts, dashes are now considered obsolete in many English-speaking countries.

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