What is another word for de-tour?

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[ dətˈʊ͡ə], [ dətˈʊ‍ə], [ d_ə_t_ˈʊə]

When it comes to finding alternative routes, there are several synonyms for the term 'detour'. One of the most commonly used alternatives is 'diversion', which implies taking a different direction than the planned one. Another synonym that has a similar meaning is 'bypass', which suggests avoiding a specific area or obstacle. 'Circumvention' also serves as an analog to 'detour', and it means finding a way around something or someone. Other synonyms that can be used include 'deviation', 'reroute', 'sidetrack', and 'roundabout'. All these synonyms come in handy when looking for different ways to arrive at a destination.

Synonyms for De-tour:

How to use "De-tour" in context?

To consciously take a break from the hectic pace and routine of everyday life is refreshing and energizing. This "de-tour" can be literal or figurative, active or passive, planned or unplanned. It can be short or extended, everyday or occasional. There is no wrong way to de-tour, as long as it leads to some enrichment, growth, or insight.

Whether it's a planned getaway to a different city or a spontaneous decision to venture out of your comfort zone, de-touring can help you rekindle your interest in life and emerge feeling more refreshed.

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