What is another word for dead heat?

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A dead heat is a term used in sports where two or more competitors finish a race or competition at precisely the same time. Some common synonyms for dead heat include a tie, stalemate, impasse, draw, deadlock, and stand-off. These terms are used to describe a situation where neither side has a clear advantage or success, and they are often used in various fields, including sports, politics, and academic activities. Aside from these words, other phrases such as neck-and-neck, evenly matched, or too close to call can also be used to depict such situations. Regardless of the wording used to describe a dead heat, it surely creates excitement and tension for those invested in the outcome.

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How to use "Dead heat" in context?

When two teams have an identical result, they are said to have a dead heat. A dead heat occurs when both teams have the same number of points after all the matches are played.

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