What is another word for deadbeat?

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The word "deadbeat" is often used to describe someone who avoids their financial obligations, such as not paying their debts or not fulfilling their child support payments. Some synonyms for "deadbeat" include "slacker", "moocher", "freeloader", "sponger", and "leech". These words all imply someone who avoids working hard and taking responsibility for their actions. Other synonyms that describe someone who avoids paying their debts include "delinquent", "defaulted", "nonpayer", and "debtor". It is important to remember that these words can be hurtful, and it is best to use them only when appropriate and not as a way to insult or judge others.

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    When someone is considered a "deadbeat," it generally means that that person has not paid their bills on time or at all. Deadbeats can be someone who is unemployed and not earning enough money to pay their rent, bills and other expenses, or someone who is employed but still not making enough money to cover their living costs.

    Deadbeats can also be parents who are not sending their children money on a regular basis to help with expenses, or someone who is borrowing money from friends or family members to pay their bills.

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