What is another word for deadpan?

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Deadpan is an adjective that describes someone who delivers a humorous statement with a straight face, showing no emotion. Synonyms for this word include impassive, expressionless, blank, stony-faced, stoic, poker-faced, unemotional, and straight-faced. These words all convey a sense of composure and lack of visible emotion, but some may have slightly different undertones. For example, stoic implies the person is unflinchingly resolute, while poker-faced may imply a level of calculation or strategy. Whatever the synonym, deadpan humor continues to be a staple of comedy and satire, delivering laughs through subtlety and understatement.

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How to use "Deadpan" in context?

What is deadpan? Deadpan means serious and without any emotions, usually used to describe a person's facial expression. Deadpan usually takes the form of a facial expression with a very small amount of emotion, or no emotion at all. Deadpan can be used in situations where people are trying to be funny or ironic, but it is effective even when the person is being serious. Deadpan can also be used as a method of expression when the speaker is deliberately trying to create a particular mood or feeling. Deadpan can be used to show feelings of boredom, detachment, or anger.

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