What is another word for deafening?

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Deafening is a word used to describe loud, overpowering sounds that can be unbearable to the ears. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe such sounds. For instance, booming, thunderous, resounding, ear-piercing, ear-splitting, and cacophonous are all synonyms of deafening. Each of these words has its own unique nuance and can be used to paint a different picture of the sound in question. Whether it is the crashing of waves on the shore or the roar of an engine, there are numerous synonyms for deafening that can help you convey the intensity and sheer power of the sounds you are describing.

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How to use "Deafening" in context?

When it comes to noises, most of us are used to the normal sounds of everyday life. We hear the sounds of people talking, cars driving, animals scurrying and so on. However, for some people, the normal sounds of life can be quite devastating. These people are known as deaf people, and because they are unable to hear the normal noises of life, they often find them quite deafening.

For deaf people, the world is filled with a whole new set of sounds. While most of us are used to hearing things from a distance, deaf people have to rely on lip reading and sign language in order to communicate with others.

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