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The Death Adder is a highly venomous snake species native to Australia. Synonyms for the Death Adder include Acanthophis, the genus name of this snake, as well as the long-nosed adder, common death adder, and northern death adder. These snakes are known for their lethal venom, which can immobilize their prey within seconds. Death Adders are ambush predators that bury themselves in sand or leaf litter, and they have a distinctive triangular-shaped head that is much wider than their neck. Despite their reputation as one of the deadliest snakes in the world, Death Adders are essential to Australia's biodiversity and play a crucial ecological role in their ecosystem.

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    The death adder is a snake found in Asia and the Americas. It is the least venomous of all the cobras and can be easily recognized by its massive hood. The hood is made up of more than 50 pairs of small scales. The color of the snake is generally a drab yellow with black stripes, although some individuals are brightly colored. Interestingly, the Death Adder does not have a cobra's trademark triangular head, but has a long, slender body. The Death Adder's diet consists mainly of rodents and small reptiles.

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