What is another word for decadence?

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Decadence is defined as a state of moral or cultural decline, often characterized by excessive indulgence or extravagance. Synonyms for this word include debauchery, corruption, degeneracy, decay, decline, deterioration, erosion, and falling apart. These terms describe the gradual decline of something from a higher state to a lower one, usually due to the lack of proper care or attention. Other synonyms for decadence might include dissolution, depravity, iniquity, intemperance, licentiousness, dissipation, and dissoluteness. These words all describe behaviors or attitudes that lead to a decline in ethics, morals, or values. Whether describing the downfall of an individual, a society, or a culture, these synonyms help to express the idea of decadence in different contexts.

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    There is no one answer to what decadence means to each person. It could be anything from excessive drinking and eating, to being consumed by negative emotions, to displaying conduct that is morally indiscreet or socially unacceptable. Decadence is a vague, slippery concept that can mean different things to different people at different times. But, in all cases, it can be seen as a kind of moral decline that leads to a degradation of our social order and personal values.

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