What is another word for decollete?

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The word "decollete" refers to clothing which has a deep or low-cut neckline, typically exposing a woman's upper chest and cleavage. Some synonyms for this word could be "low-cut", "plunging", "revealing", "sexy", or "daring". Other words that could be used to describe this type of clothing include "sultry", "alluring", "seductive", and "flirtatious". However, it is important to note that not all women may feel comfortable wearing clothing that is described as decollete or any of its synonyms. Personal preference and individual comfort should always be taken into consideration when choosing clothes to wear.

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    Decollete is the French word for "underskirt." A decollete is a strip of fabric that hangs from the lower edge of a skirt, foregoing the hemline. This is a more intricate and personal option than a standard lower-hem skirt, providing more coverage and showcasing the waist.

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