What is another word for decomposed?

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Decomposed is a term that means to break down or decay. Some common synonyms for this word include disintegrated, decayed, rotted, spoiled, corrupted, degraded, putrefied, and deteriorated. These words are often used to describe the state of organic material, such as food, plants, or animal remains when they have undergone a natural process of decay. Other synonyms for decomposed can include crumbled, fragmented, or broken down, which can refer to the decay of both organic and inorganic matter. Understanding these synonyms can help give a more creative range when writing about the process of decay and decomposition, giving a better sense of depth and texture to a descriptive piece.

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    By now, most of us are familiar with the term decomposed. Whether it's referring to a corpse that has been left to rot, or the tissue left after an animal has been butchered, the term usually evokes a negative outcome. But what does the decomposed process actually involve? In short, it's the gradual process of breaking down organic matter into its basic components. This process can happen in several different ways, depending on the circumstances.

    The microbial decomposition process begins with microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, which break down the organic material into simple molecules.

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