What is another word for decomposition?

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Decomposition is the process of breaking down organic matter into simpler forms and compounds. There are several synonyms for decomposition, such as decay, deterioration, disintegration, breakdown, putrefaction, and rotting. Decay refers to the natural process of breakdown, while deterioration suggests the gradual loss of quality or vitality. Disintegration is the fragmentation of substances into smaller particles or components, while breakdown refers to the collapse of complex structures. Putrefaction refers specifically to bacterial decomposition, and rotting is a term used to describe the putrefaction of food or organic material. Each of these synonyms implies a different aspect of the process of decomposition, but they all describe the transformation of organic matter into simpler forms.

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    In biology, decomposition is the process of breaking down organic material into smaller units that can beused by microorganisms, or by other organisms, such as insects, to form new organicmaterial.

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